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• Investigation of the Thermal Decay of Carbon Suboxide

G. Friedrichs and H.Gg. Wagner
Z. Phys. Chem. 203, 1-14 (1998)


The thermal decomposition of carbon suboxide C3O2 was investigated behind shock waves in the temperature range from 1750 to 2300 K and at total densities between 2.8 and 20E-6 mol/cm3 by means of C-atom-resonance-absorption-spectroscopy (C-ARAS) at λ = 156.1 nm. A mechanism involving five reactions is presented. For reaction (1); C3O2+M → C2O+CO+M, and reaction (3), C3O2+C → products, the rate constants obtained are as follows:


k1 = (1.5±0.5)E15·exp(-(245±10)kJ/mol/RT) cm3/mols,


k3 = (3.6±0.7)E14·exp(-(23±5)kJ/mol/RT) cm3/mols.

Using theories of unimolecular reactions the enthalpie of formation of C2O is calculated to be ΔfH0298(C2O) = (377±10) kJ/mol and the apparent activation energy Eaof reaction (2), C2O+M → C+CO+M, could be estimated to be 185 kJ/mol.


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