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Sum Frequency Generationnanolayer_example_web


SFG Spectrometer for Ocean Surface Research

Composition and Structure of the Marine Nanolayer

Time-Resolved Studies of Organic Monolayer Reactivity

Carbohydrate Structures at the Water/Air Interface

Properties of Photoswitchable Functionalized Surfaces

Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopycwopo

CRDS: Basics


NIR-cw-CRDS: Quantitative High Resolution Spectroscopy

Field Application of a cw-CRDS CO2 Isotope Analyzer

CRDS for Fast Reactions: The eSKaR Model

Shock Tube / Frequency Modulation Spectroscopystossrohr_bunt_web


Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy
Shock Tube Investigations of High Temperature Kinetics

Example: NOx Formation - The NCN Pathway

Example: Glyoxal - An Efficient HCO Source

Example: Formaldehyde Decomposition


Mass Spectrometrybenzyne_source_web


PEPICO at Swiss Light Source
Heatable Photolysis Flow Reactor

Example: HO2 Kinetics

Example: Benzyne Kinetics

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