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Group - Ocean Surface Chemistry & Reaction Kinetics

Gernot Friedrichs

Prof. Dr. Gernot Friedrichs
PhD Physical Chemistry 1999, Göttingen
W1 Professor 2007, W2 Professor 2012, Kiel
- Chemical Kinetics
- Ocean Surface Chemistry
- Laser Spectroscopy
- Unimolecular Rate Theory
Room 6 MES 1, Phone +49 431 880 7742

Tanja Stojšić
Secretary / Assistant
Office: Room 320 MES 1, Phone +49 431 880 7801

Nancy Faßheber

Dr. Nancy Faßheber
PhD Chemistry, June 2015, Kiel
Diploma Chemistry 2010, Kiel
- NCN/HNO Radical Chemistry, Shock Tubes

...currently on Maternal Leave


Dr. Julian Müller
PhD Theoretical Chemistry, 2017, Kiel
- Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Interfacial Systems
- "Future Ocean" Strategic Initiative "Ocean & Atmosphere - From Molecular Modelling to Process Understanding"
Office: Room 32 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5820
joint project with Bernd Hartke (Theo. Chem.)


Dr. Sascha Krüger
PhD Physical Chemistry, Dez 2017, Kiel
- Laser Spectroscopy / Mass Spectrometry
Office: Room 7 MES 1, Phone +49 431 880 7744
M.Sc. Alexandra Dabrowski
MSc Chemistry May 2014
- Reactivity of Organic Monolayers / SFG
Office: Room 28 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5821
Lab: Room 9 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5829

M.Sc. Sebastian Hesse

M.Sc. Chemistry Aug 2015
- NCN/CN High Temperature Chemistry / Shock Tube
Office: Room 28 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5821
Lab: Room 19 MES 1, Phone +49 431 880 7745

M.Sc. Florian Lange
M.Sc. Chemistry Dec 2015 Kiel (Inorganic Chem.)
- Photochemistry of Marine Microlayer
Office: Room 10 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5828
Lab: Room 9 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5829
M.Sc. Michael Stuhr
M.Sc. Chemistry May 2017, Kiel
B.Sc. Chemistry Dec 2014, Kiel
- IR Radical Detection
Office: Room 10 MES 2, Phone +49 431 880 5828
Lab: Room 019 MES 1, Phone +49 431 880 7745


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BSc / MSc / PhD

Joint Group Members


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ibrahim_sadiek Dr. Ibrahim Sadiek
- Guest Scientist, 2017/2018
Umea University, Dept. of Physics, Sweden
- Advanced CRD Spectroscopy

B.Sc. Jiang Ying

- Visiting Researcher Nov/Dec 2017

Univ. Fukui, Mechanical Engineering, Japan

-MD simulations & SLS project

shahir_web M.Sc. Afshin Asadzadeh Shahir

- Research Visit, SFG Lab, Oct/Nov  2016

School of Chemical Engineering

The University of Queensland


- Environmental Applications of SFG Spectroscopy

yasuyuki_sakai Prof. Dr. Yasuyuki Sakai
- Sabbatical Stay in Kiel Apr 2015 - Jan 2016
Univ. Fukui, Mechanical Engineering, Japan
- Chemical Kinetics, Combustion Chemistry


Former Group Members




Dr. Evangelos Voyiatzis

PhD Chemical Engineering, Sept 2009, Athens

MSc Applied Mathematics, Jul 2005, Athens

- Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Interfacial Systems, Strategic Initiative "Ocean & Atmosphere" (joint project with Bernd Hartke, Theoretical Chemistry)

Now: DSM, Herleen, NL

Dr. Ibrahim Sadiek
PhD Physical Chemistry 2017, Kiel
M.Sc. Physical Chemistry 2012, Cairo/Egypt
- Saturation-IR-CRD Spectroscopy
Now: Umea Univ, Physics, Sweden (Group Foltynowicz)
Phong Nguyen
B.Sc. Chemistry/Geography for Teaching, 2017 Kiel
- MD modeling of ion solutions
saira_riaz_web Dr. M. Phil. Saira Riaz
PhD Physical Chemistry 2017, Kiel
M. Phil. Physical Chemistry 2000,
- SFG Spectroscopy on Photoswitchable surfaces
Now: College for Girls/Islamabad/Pakistan
Laila Nazari
B.Sc. Business Chemistry
Sept. 2017 Kiel
- NCN Chemistry
Ann-Kathrin Baumann
B.Sc. Chemistry 2014 Kiel (Inorg. Chem.)
M.Sc. Chemistry 2017 Kiel
- ps-ew-CRD Spectroscopy
Now: Univ. Kiel/Group Schauermann 
Lars Bornhorst
Chemistry/Mathematics Teaching
State Exam Thesis 2017, Kiel
- Quant. NCN3 Synthesis  
inga_piller_web Dr. Inga Piller
PhD Physical Chemistry Jun 2016, Kiel
Diploma Chemistry 2011, Hamburg/Kiel
- ewCRD Spectroscopy
meike_becker Dr. Meike Becker
PhD Marine Chemistry 2016, Kiel
(joint project with A. Körtzinger, GEOMAR)
Diploma Chemistry 2010, Kiel
-CO2 Isotope Ratio Field Measurements
Now: University of Bergen/Geophysics


Mara Thiele
Chemistry, Biology Teaching
State Exam Thesis Jan 2016, Kiel
- Multiparameter Kinetic Modeling
Dr. Anke Schneider
 PhD Marine Biogeochemistry 2011, Kiel
M.Sc. Marine Environmental Sciences, Oldenburg & Lismore (Australia)

- Scientific Coordination of Semester Topic "Ocean Interfaces" 2015

Now: GEOMAR, Kiel

Kristian Laß
Dr. Kristian Laß
Postdoc 2008-2015, Kiel
PhD Physical Chemistry 2008, Essen
- SFG Spectroscopy
- Ocean Surface Monolayer
- Molecular Switches
Now: Landeskriminalamt Kiel 

Julia Farkas
BSc Chemistry Sept 2015
- Adsorption Properties of Microplastics
(joint project with T. Treude, GEOMAR & UCLA, USA)

Dr. Joscha Kleber
PhD Chemistry May 2015, Kiel
Diploma Chemistry 2009, Kiel
- SFG Spectroscopy
- Reactivity of Organic Films
Now: TU Hamburg-Harburg / Tech-
nische Biokatalyse

Michael Stuhr
MSc Chemistry May 2017, Kiel
BSc Chemistry Dec 2014, Kiel
- High Resolution Diode Laser Spectroscopy

Karsten Eilert
Chemistry, Biology
State Exam Aug 2014, Kiel
- Setup of STM Experiment
Marvin Schmidt
BSc Chemistry Jan 2014, Kiel
- High Temperature Chemistry of HNO
Now: Univ. Kiel/Group Schauermann 


Dr. Matthias Fischer
PhD Nov 2013, Kiel 
Diploma Biomedical Engineering 2007, Jena
- Fluorescence Based Biofilm Sensor (joint project together with M. Wahl, IFM-GEOMAR)
Now: Analytik Jena


Anna Reese
BSc Chemistry, Oct 2013
- Setup of SHG Spectroscopy


Dr. Johannes Dammeier
PhD Chemistry Dec 2011, Kiel
Diploma Chemistry 2006, Kiel
- FM Spectroscopy, Shock Tubes, NCN Chemistry
Now: ThyssenKrupp AG

Carsten Fehling

Dr. Carsten Fehling
PhD Chemistry Feb 2012, Kiel
Diploma Chemistry 2007, Kiel
- CRD Spectroscopy (N2O Isotopomers)
Now: BAM - Berlin


picture available

Bent Gorgel

BSc Chemistry, Kiel, Dec 2011
- SFG on Functionalized Gold Surfaces 

Benjamin Oden

Benjamin Oden
Chemistry, Physics
State Exam, Kiel 2010
- Chemical Kinetics (NOx formation processes)
Arne Stindt
Arne Stindt
Diploma Chemistry, Kiel 2010
-Synthesis and SFG of Carbohydrates
(together with T.K. Lindhorst, Organic Chemistry, Kiel)
Now: BAM Berlin (Prof. Panne)
Julia Bock
Julia Bock
Diploma Chemistry, Kiel 2009
- CRD Spectroscopy (Isotope Ratios)
(joint project with N. Andersen, P. Croot, A. Körtzinger, A. Oschlies, F. Temps, D. Wallace)
Mark Colberg
Dr. Mark Colberg
PhD Physical Chemistry 2006, Kiel
- FM Spectroscopy, Shock Tubes

Now: Dräger AG